Who built CL Booking and why?

Date : November 10, 2021 Author : Ted Howard-Jones

Who built CL Booking?

You may be wondering who is behind the CL Booking Website and mobile app.  Well, as we approach the end of a busy season for many CLs, we have some time to tell you!

The CL Booking website and mobile app were launched in June 2021 thanks to the generosity and foresight of 20 CL owners who pre-purchased their subscription.  

This cash persuaded our developer (Pocket Apps) to invest in the long-term vision that CL Booking would meet the needs of thousands of CAMC Club members looking to easily find, check availability and then book a CL.

As of November 2021 9,000 members have downloaded and registered to use the App or website.

If you are one of the 1,142 members who have booked one of the 136 sites so far listed, bringing £93,618.50 into the hard-hit rural economy this year.  Thank You!

Here are a few of the CL Owners involved at the outset